Welcome to The Broke Generation. I want you to be able to live the life you want, and still retire with enough money in the bank. Let's do this!

Day 1 - Finding Your Feet

Day 1 - Finding Your Feet

Welcome! It’s Day 1 and the first day of the rest of your financial life. Whip off your shirt and whip it in the air while woo-ing excessively – you’ve just made a great financial decision and you’re on the road to being a budgeting babestation.

Let’s spend less than 20 minutes a day together for the next 7 days, and get you on the road to financial control.

This 7 day guide is for you if:

  • You don’t have a clue where your money goes

  • You try to save but never seem to get anywhere

  • You feel like you don’t earn enough

  • You wish you were a ‘saver’

  • You want to feel like you have more money to live your best life

  • You look at your salary and wonder where the hell the other zeros went

What you’ll need:

  • A notebook that’s earmarked as your budget bible.

  • A pen (multiple colours are encouraged)

  • Access to your bank statements or online banking records

  • A calculator


Go through your bank statements and online banking and write down all (yes all) your transactions for the past month. Every single thing, no matter how small.

Then, add up the total amount, and compare against how much you make in a month.

If you’ve spent more than you earn, you’re joining Tristan Thompson up shit creek without a paddle. Read: you’re in trouble. Sorry non-Kardashian fans.

If you’ve spent roughly the same as what you earn, you’re cruising, you’re okay, you’re coasting by. You are to budgeting as Michael Bublé is to the music industry. Nothing majorly dramatic happens but you’re also not a total lost cause.

If you’ve spent less than you earn, you’ve got yourself a little head start. You’re the budgeting equivalent of a reality TV appearance for all Neighbours cast hopefuls. It gives you a definite leg-up.

Now it’s time to hop aboard the time machine back to year 4 geography – get your colouring pens out and get categorising.

You can choose your own categories, but common ones are entertainment, food out, supermarket food, essentials, bills, rent, clothing, hobbies, etc.

Then, highlight anything that wasn’t completely necessary.

When I did this, I uncovered that I’d been to the supermarket 32 times in one month. Yep, one more than the number of total days in said month. Shameful – but it did address an important issue with my spending.

Just because it’s from the supermarket, doesn’t mean you need it.

*repeats to self while drooling over jars of kimchi and vegan ice cream with a unit price not far from gold*

Supermarket spending was a major stumbling block for me. Because it wasn’t lavish meals out or more clothes, I wasn’t realising that it was unnecessary spending.

Write down anything you’ve noticed, or anything that surprises you, and your top 3 spending categories.

Give yourself a high five because you are DONE for day 1. Yep, that’s it – your 20 minutes is complete. You don’t need to give this a second thought until tomorrow.

See you then!

Day 2 - Fixed Costs

Day 2 - Fixed Costs