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Day 7 – Preparation and Motivation

Day 7 – Preparation and Motivation

We’ve made it, budget babes! It’s Day 7, and by now you’ll have created the budget you’ll be sticking to for the next few weeks. Hopefully you’ll be starting your Cold Tofu in the next few days, too, ready to kick-start your new money mindset. Nothing like throwing yourself in at the deep end, eh?

So what’s today’s task, you ask? You’re gonna love this one. It involves Netflix, YouTube and a big ol’ cuppa. I know, I’m the best teacher ever.

You will need:

  • Your budget bible

  • Access to YouTube


Today is all about rest, relaxing and preparing your mind for your new focused budget. I want you to get motivated!

So, write down a list of things you’ve been meaning to watch on Netflix/Stan/YouTube/Hayu, or a list of books you’ve been meaning to read. Add to the list any home tasks or nights in you’ve been meaning to get stuck into. Maybe cleaning out your wardrobe, having your friends round for a movie marathon, or decluttering your mug cupboard (probably the most adult sentence I’ve ever said tbh).

These free-to-do activities will become your friend during Cold Tofu week, and just in general when you need to find ways to have fun without spending money. If you’re looking for ideas, my nine non-crap things to do for under $20 might give you some inspo.

Now, motivation.

How do I motivate myself to stay on track with my budget? It’s just like anything – sticking to a study plan, eating a new diet, starting a new exercise regime – it’s all about mindset.

So, I’ll brew myself a nice cup of tea or coffee (usually coffee, let’s be honest), and watch a gal called Muchelle B on YouTube. If you’ve not heard of her, she will change your life. In her videos she talks about minimalism, organisation, getting your shit together and achieving your goals. Basically she makes you feel less like the first pancake in the batch and more like a perfectly ripe Hass avocado that’s just been sliced open and subsequently Instagrammed with the caption ‘avo goals’.

You might also like to get your hands on a few of my favourite finance books. Try Facebook Marketplace, or joining your local library to avoid splashing the cash on brand new books. It’s kinda counterintuitive. You can also grab lots of them on Audible.

Note: the above links are to Australian retailers but all books are available worldwide.

That’s a wrap!

And that, my budget-savvy friends, is it. You’ve got your budget set out, you know what you can spend and what you can’t, and you’re ready to smash this. You absolutely can find financial stability on any income – it’s all about finding ways to tweak your lifestyle so that you spend less than you earn.

So go enjoy your preparation and motivation day, and good luck! I’d love you to let me know how you get on on Instagram – find me at @the.brokegeneration.

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