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The Grocery Diaries #2

The Grocery Diaries #2

We’re back with the second edition of The Grocery Diaries! Today we’re hearing from Kira from Germany and Alex from Melbourne!


Hi, I’m Kira, 23 and a uni student from Germany. I have around €160 to shop for each month. I usually go to Aldi for all the other stuff that isn‘t fruits and veggies or meat. I buy my meat at a local butcher so that I can be sure where it came from! For all my fruit and veg, I shop at our farmers market. This might seem hard to believe but it’s possible since I don‘t eat a lot of meat usually. I am lactose intolerant and gluten sensitive so that’s fun too. My key tip would be: cook in batches (I accidentally made 3 litres of soup once and that‘s frozen now) and always have staple food at home – like rice and noodles and lentils. Sometimes I am bad at budgeting and I’ll have to survive on €5 for the last week!

cheap grocery lists.jpg

TBG says: Kira’s budget is on point for a student, and she does well to buy her meat and vegetables from reputable farmers. Meal-wise, she doesn’t eat anywhere near as much as me (LOL), so I’d struggle to live on this grocery list. That said, I have a huge appetite!

Cost per meal = €1.90


Alex is 28 and lives with her husband, Toby. The pair are on a mission to only buy two servings of meat per week to be better humans, but it’s a happy coincidence that it brings the cost down. In this week’s shop they had a few staples left at home, so their spend of $53.50 was lower than usual! Alex has included the couple’s separate breakfasts and lunches, and their shared dinners.


TBG says: Alex and Toby are cutting back on meat consumption, which is great for their wallets, waistlines AND the environment. Spaghetti carbonara is a great quick and easy meal for when you’re short on time – just mix egg and parmesan and toss it through hot spaghetti.

Cost per meal: $3.30 (assuming the weekend lunches were eaten out)

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